2022 Football, Cheer and Mascot registration is open!

Fundraising will be available to all participants once initial registration payment has been made. Cheer will have additional fundraising requirements to meet in order to pay for the competition season. Your initial registration cost is $50 for football and $100 for cheer.

All participation fees must be paid in full by June 1st.

Fundraising is encouraged to be done in between payments. As you turn in fundraising, your monthly payment will be reduced. You will be responsible to pay the difference between the amount you fundraised and the monthly payment amount. For example if a payment of $150 is due on June 1st and you have fundraised $75 towards your cost, you will be responsible to pay the difference $75 on June 1st. If you have fundraised over the payment amount, the overage will go towards your next monthly payment.

Football participation fees include all equipment and uniforms required to play other than football cleats, socks and helmet visors if you have braces or wear glasses.

Cheer participation fees include entire uniform, camp-wear, accessories, camp fee and one mandatory local competition fee.

Cheer competition season is an additional cost in which includes competition registration fees, Nationals registration fee, gym time and choreography/music. Fundraising options will be provided for competition season.